hi, i'm eugenia!

The method (and the madness) behind the masterpiece

You found me! So happy you're here :)

Being a documentary style photographer means that I prefer capturing photos in the moment and without much preparation, while still telling a complete story, which is heavily inspired by my lifelong love of music. This makes me a great improviser-I always find myself shooting from different perspectives, discovering creative ideas, and overall producing works that display authentic human experiences on the spot. More than anything, I want to be a part in capturing the story of you. And if this is what you're looking for in your pictures, you've come to the right place

I named my business Blush Rose intentionally: in 2021, my mom lost her short but very aggressive battle with breast cancer. A few weeks before her passing, to show her appreciation for our help as a family, she sent us some sweet gifts, of which I received the most beautiful bouquet of blush-colored roses. My mom is the reason I am a photographer today, so this name is a tribute to her, and a subsequent reminder to always give back to others, like she did

As someone who came from a struggling, low-middle income class family in the suburbs of Chicago, I never want money to be the reason for not being able to get high-quality, stunning photos, especially for personal and medical reasons. I understand how difficult it must be, and if this is you, I am willing to charge whatever you are able to afford at your moment of need

Meet the Photographer &

The Story Behind Blush Rose

"funny how a photograph
can take you back in time,
to places and embraces
that you thought you'd left behind..."

~kenny loggins~