About OCF:

OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship) is an organization based out of Boston that brings Orthodox Christian community to college students on their campuses, and hosts retreats to meet more Orthodox people from around the nation and collectively grow in the faith. Students can take leadership positions, whether that be leading a certain region, coordinating spring break trips for RealBreak every year, or volunteering for spring & fall retreats, as well as the largest OCF gathering in the Midwest and East coasts-College Conference (CC)

I have been photographing OCF events and retreats from 2019, when I attended my first ever College Conference. Since then, I have shot events alone (RealBreak PR), as an assistant (CC Midwest 2021), and as lead photographer recruiting another as an assistant (CC Midwest 2022) These are opportunities I look forward to taking until I age out at 25. Ultimately, I am so grateful for the ability to serve His people through this organization! To learn more, visit the website:


ocf college conference midwest 2019

(dec. 28-29 only)

ocf spring retreat 2020

(feb. 8)

ocf college conference 2021

(dec. 27-30)

ocf spring retreat 2022

(april 8-10, 2022)

ocf midwest fall retreat 2022

(nov. 4-6)

ocf college conference '22

(dec. 27-30)

digital&disposable film

ocf real break '23 portraits

(mar. 11-18)

san german&san juan, puerto rico

ocf midwest spring retreat

(march 31-april 2, 2023)