(Above photo taken by Evie Stamatis)

i'm a 24 year old greek-american photographer, eastern orthodox christian, avid coffee drinker, & lifelong music lover based in chicago's west suburbs. and like a good song, there's always a backstory, even when talking about my beginnings in, as well as my inspiration for, photography...

(Below photos: Ed Sheeran concert, Soldier Field, Chicago, IL, July 2023)

so, how did i get started?

while I am the creator of my own documentary lifestyle photography business, the process of getting here took years. it all started when my mom enrolled me in my first black and white film photography class for my sophomore year in high school. at first, i thought photography would just become a fun hobby; eight years, several teachers, a few 4-h ribbons and an associate's degree later, it would prove to be one of my passions. everything i've done so far in this profession, i owe to my mom, and i couldn't be more grateful

(Below photos: taken by Faith Hodge, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 2023)

what inspires my creative process?

to answer that, i have to ask: what is something that keeps me going in life? better yet, what is something i was passionate about before photography was even a thought? and the answer was easy: music.

i grew up being influenced by all music genres around me. it's been said that i could sing before i could talk. i took piano lessons and chanted hymns byzantine style every sunday at church for eight years. but no one cultivated my love for music more than my dad. our best memories have been in the car, listening to the radio or sharing music trivia. he had a whole collection of cds; i would pull out an appealing album from the cabinet, pop it in the player, and lose myself in the music for hours on end. popular albums ranged from the beatles "help!" to mariah carey's "emotions" to the eagles "hotel california" to blondie's "greatest hits" to the first "jonas brothers" album

and i thought i wanted a career in something music-related. of course, God had other plans, but music in all it's forms & genres is what drives my creative process

(Below photos: AJR concert, Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, Tinley Park, IL, June 2022)

but there is something fascinating about genuine moments in time being frozen to tell unscripted stories, like the pictures my parents would take of me and my brother from disposable cameras. which is why I take a more documentary lifestyle approach to my photography-to capture life (unlike a movie or tv show) the way it should be: real. a raw exhibition of reality & the people, places, & occasions in it. like a biopic, but in photographs

(Below photos: Self-portraits, Home, March 2022)

seeing how creative i can continue to be with my work in camera and in post production excites me and drives me to create more. however, what I love most is working with people so that I can truly be a part of their "feature presentation," and capture the moments that matter most in their lives. like I say, all of you are the main characters in the film of life; i’m just here to make you look good :)

(oh, and don't let the above photos fool you, i don't know enough guitar to even play a song!)

"a picture postcard, a folded stub, a program of the play
file away the photographs of your holiday
and your mementos will turn to dust, but that's the price you pay
for every year's a souvenir that slowly fades away"

~billy joel~