I love a good vacation, even though my family and I don't take them very often-we only travel when we need to. However, when I do, you can bet I bring my camera with me! I enjoy seeing new places and trying new things, and each location brings their own unique beauty that never ceases to leave me in awe every single time. Plus, it's a great opportunity to build my portfolio

From the gaping canyons at Starved Rock, to the prettiest waterfalls in Asheville, to the gleaming beachfront in San German, and everywhere in between, this page is filled with unforgettable nature & landscape photos (and sometimes portraits) from my trips, like you're right along with me. And the best part: you don't even have to leave your home!

grayslake, lombard, & starved rock state park, il

may 2020

lake geneva, wisconsin

june 19, 2020

smoky mtns, tn & asheville, nc

august 16-22, 2020

ryerson woods&reed turner woodland reserve, il

oct-nov, 2021

denver area&fort collins, co

aug. 24-29, 2022

franksville, wi

oct. 8, 2022

san german&san juan, puerto rico

mar. 11-18, 2023

boston&brookline, ma

june 16-july 3, 2023